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Sachse Park Pals is partnering with the City of Sachse to file a  competitive recreational trail grant application to construct Highline Hike & Bike Trail. The ten foot wide trail will extend approximately one mile along the power line easement from Miles road to Bunker Hill Road. The total cost of the project is more than $300,000 Dollars. Cost Share is as follows:  Grant: $200,000, Sachse Park Pals: $15,000, & City of Sachse Remainder.  The Sachse Park Pals contribution will be via tax-deductible fundraising and is critical to demonstrate to the TPWD Trails Advisory Board the community of Sachse full supports the construction of this Trail.

The grant is very competitive so we have done extensive studies to understand what we can focus on to help increase our chances of successfully being awarded the grant. According to the grant instructions there is four key areas where we can work together to increase our chances of success.

  • Four Key Focus Areas

    1. Ability to Serve Recreational Needs
    2. Cost Effectiveness: Rewards project that display the following characteristics
      • Projects that accomplish a lot with little amount of funding
      • Projects that focus on Basic Trail work ( Trail, Bridge, ...)  as opposed to trail support functions (parking, bathrooms, benches, ...)
      • Projects that serve multiple compatible trail users
      • Projects that are undertaken as partnerships due to their ability to build constituencies for trail projects
      • Projects where the sponsor is willing to provide more than the minimum 20% match.
    3. Benefits
    4. Community Support
  • Our Strategy

    1. Ability to Serve Recreational Needs:
      • The Sachse Park Pals would like to request Letters of Support highlighting the lack of trail in the area and the recreational benefits to its constituents from: Local HOA's/Neighborhoods, Running Clubs, Cycling Clubs, Local Fitness Organizations, Sachse High School Clubs and Organizations, Churches, and any local organization that sees a recreational value of the addition of the Highline Hike & Bike Trail. 
      • One of the key benefits of this trail is the addition of a NEW 5k route for local fundraising events such as 5k's and Fun Runs.
      • Of interest to local cyclist, we see this trail as the foundation of the planned trail network that will extend to Murphy, Wylie, Garland, and Rowlett in full build out.
      • If you would like to become a trail support volunteer in your neighborhood or group, please email us at
    2. Cost Effectiveness
      • Projects that accomplish a lot with little amount of funding
        • Our strategy is highlight the benefits to the multitude of organizations and neighborhoods that would benefit from the trail.
      • Focus on the Basics
        • The grant will focus in the construction of the trail and the bridge. Items such as parking lot, benches, water fountains will be handled  separately from the trail grant proposal.
      • Multiple Compatible Trail users
        • We are hoping to show users from Sachse residents, Community Church fundraisers, SHS Fundraiser, SHS Athletic Groups, Charity 5k Races/Fun Run's, Running Clubs, Cycling Clubs, ...
      • Partnerships undertaken as Partnerships
        • Sachse Park Pals and the City of Sachse has agreed to partner in the filing of this grant. The Sachse Park Pals will file the grant while the City of Sachse will be the grant administrator.
      • More than 20% Minimum
        • Sachse Park Pals will contribute $15,000 in addition to the City of Sachse Contribution for the project.
        • The Sachse Park Pals contribution will be raised through tax-deductible fundraising efforts of the organization.
        • This will ensure more than the 20% minimum for the grant and it will demonstrate to the Trails advisory board we are a community that supports and is committed to building the Highline Hike & Bike Trail.
    3. Benefits
      • We will show health benefits, as well as benefits of incorporating the trail in community events.
    4. Community Support
      • We will be seeking letters of support from local, county, state and federal elected  officials, GISD, WISD, local businesses, HOA's, and business. We will also be publishing an online petition for area residents to sign and provide comments stating their support for the submitted recreational trail grant. If your organization would benefit from the trail, it would be very helpful to get a letter of support from you. If you need a template, just email us at



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