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Sachse Park Pals is partnering with the City of Sachse to file a  competitive recreational trail grant application to construct Highline Hike & Bike Trail. The ten foot wide trail will extend approximately one mile along the power line easement from Miles road to Bunker Hill Road. The total cost of the project is more than $300,000 Dollars. Cost Share is as follows:  Grant: $200,000, Sachse Park Pals: $15,000, & City of Sachse Remainder.  The Sachse Park Pals contribution will be via tax-deductible fundraising and is critical to demonstrate to the TPWD Trails Advisory Board the community of Sachse full supports the construction of this Trail.

The grant is very competitive so we have done extensive studies to understand what we can focus on to help increase our chances of successfully being awarded the grant. According to the grant instructions there is four key areas where we can work together to increase our chances of success.

  • UPDATE: Sachse Park Pals Received notification that we were NOT successful in obtaining the Highline Hike & Bike Trail Grant.

  •  We will be working with the City of Sachse to determine what is there next Trails Project.



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