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Sachse Dog Park Meeting
Thursday 15 June 2017, 07:05pm - 07:35pm
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All interested in the establishment of a local dog park are encouraged to attend.



March 7th 2016: During City Council Workshop, the Sachse Park Pals provided a plan for a temporary dog park located at the animal shelter with a cost estimate of $15k that would be covered by the Sachse Park Pals Fundraising, the idea was to determine if there were real concerns about the dog park and if the community was really supportive of a local dog park.

February 20, 2017: Sachse City Council Approved Plan to move forward with the Sachse Temporary Dog Park

February 27, 2017: The Sachse Park Pals  has received Clarification of the City Council Decision on February 20th, 2017.
City Council Decision States:

  1. Installation: Temporary Fencing only installed by a contractor for a term of 6 months per original plan
  2. Cost and Maintenance: 100% Sachse Park Pals Funded via private fundraising with no cost to the City of Sachse per original plan
  3. Park Hours: Limited to Weekends and Holidays only per original plan
  4. Reassessment: After 4 Months of Operation, added February 20th City Council Session.



Location 5560 HWY 78 Sachse Texas 75048