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Sachse Dog Park Phase 1 (6 Months Approved)


Dog Park Progress Updates

Update 4/26/2017

We are working out the details of a possible alternative to ease the hours of operation restrictions for the dog park. We will have a better understanding of the options in a week or two. The Dog Park Funds are maintained in a Sachse Park Pals Dog Park Fund Account, this account is reviewed every month at the Dog Park Committee Meeting. Once we finalize the options, we will move forward with the construction of the Dog Park. We ask that you please be patient to allow us to work through the process.


We have received the initial Lease Agreement from the City of Sachse, which outlines the terms and conditions required to setup the temporary dog park at the Animal Shelter. We are currently reviewing the document to get an understanding of the conditions that have been stated and the increased cost of the project for those condition.

Update: 2/27/2017:

The Sachse Park Pals  has received Clarification of the City Council Decision on February 20th, 2017.
City Council Decision States:

  1. Installation: Temporary Fencing only installed by a contractor for a term of 6 months per original plan
  2. Cost and Maintenance: 100% Sachse Park Pals Funded via private fundraising with no cost to the City of Sachse per original plan
  3. Park Hours: Limited to Weekends and Holidays only per original plan
  4. Reassessment: After 4 Months of Operation, added February 20th City Council Session.

Upcoming Events

Mon May 01 @ 7:30PM -
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Sat May 13 @ 7:00PM -
City of Sachse Parks & Recreation Meeting
Mon May 15 @ 7:30PM -
City Council Meeting
Thu May 18 @ 7:05PM - 07:35PM
Sachse Dog Park Meeting
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Sachse Trails Meeting

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